10 BASIC Training


The role of a mentor in a young leader’s life is crucial for their growth, development, and maturity. Mentoring is life on life instruction and accountability that empowers young leaders to develop the character, spiritual disciplines, and bold steps needed to breakthrough to their full potential. Watch this training from Pastor Mark to learn about the mentoring process.

11 Bold Steps


Mentors strategically introduce NGLs to stretching experiences that place them in leadership shoes and break through personal barriers (life and leadership) causing permanent growth. Bold steps are taken toward the NGLs personal mission statement.

12 Accountability


Accountability is a weekly checkpoint with your group that calls out the real issues in the NGL. The mentor takes the NGLs by the hand and holds them accountable to a high and holy calling in Christ. Accountability is relationship driven with vulnerability on both sides.

13 Spiritual Discipline


Develop the disciplines and endurance to go the long haul. The NGL trains to finish the race, strengthening their spiritual legs. The mentor checks the weekly NGL log to make sure they are reading, praying, and journaling daily.

14 Instruction


Instructing the NGLs with the mentors life experience as seen through the lens of scripture plus vulnerable leadership lessons and organizational DNA. The mentor’s life is the major text book supplemented with leadership books and nglmentoring.com

15 Character Development


The mentor helps identify and develop who the NGLs are becoming. Character is developed in light of the NGLs epitaph and personal mission statement. It is an ongoing process throughout the year but revisited weekly.


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