B.A.S.I.C. Training Library

Here is a list of topics you can use for your instruction time. They are organized under the B.A.S.I.C Training categories. Choose a topic to tackle for the month.



PURPOSE: How do I discern God’s will for my life?

LEADERSHIP: How can I become a better leader?

PREACHING: How do I prepare a message and speak publicly?

MENTORING: How do I mentor and disciple others?



DATING: How do I date in a godly way?

INTEGRITY: How do I fight sexual temptation and maintain integrity?

MARRIAGE: How do I love my spouse?

FAMILY: How do I love and lead my children?



SCRIPTURE: How do I have a meaningful daily time with God?

PRAYER: How do I pray and fast effectively?

EVANGELISM: How do I share the gospel and lead someone to Christ?

WORSHIP: How do I worship God freely?



PRIORITIES: How do I manage my time?

STEWARDSHIP: How do I manage my money?

TALENTS: How do I use my strengths and gifts?

WORK: How does my faith change the way I work?

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Do you have a question for the mentors? What other topics would you like us to address? Please share below.

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